Are You Terrified to Step Away from Your Business This Christmas?

Are You Terrified to Step Away from Your Business This Christmas?

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 Christmas should be a happy, stress-free season, full of fun, parties, and lots of quality time with friends and family celebrating the year that’s been.

Unfortunately for many small business owners, enjoying the holidays with friends and family is all but impossible. Instead of basking in the spirit of the season, they are terrified at the prospect of taking time off -- afraid that detaching from their business for any significant length of time will leave them in a precarious financial position.

That's no way to live - especially during the holidays.

The Terror of Trading Time For Money

When we start a new enterprise, it's natural to spend an inordinate amount of time at the office. Bootstrapping a new business often requires us to make considerable sacrifices.

Yet this should be a transitional phase; spending long hours at the office, day in and day out, is not a tenable state of affairs over the long term. When you're stuck trading your time for money, you're not only putting a limit on how much your business can grow, you're also living a lifestyle that's not conducive to personal and professional fulfilment.

Too many small business owners remain mired in this stage of business development, unable to move to the next phase: The creation of a real, professionalised business. One that still makes money whether you're in the office -- or wearing ugly holiday sweaters and belting out off-key Christmas carols with family. 

So how do you take that next step and build an enterprise that includes an off switch?

It's simple: You implement a systematic approach to running your business.

Performance AND Lifestyle Success - You Can Have Both

For small business owners, business performance becomes the sole focus, often at the expense of any kind of valuable lifestyle. It becomes almost expected that when you are running a business, it’s just how it is. Sacrifices have to be made (so you tell yourself). When you are the business, and its viability is directly tied to your presence and availability, it feels nearly impossible to achieve the things you want. You simply don't have the time or money to realise your personal goals.

Nine Advisory helps business owners escape the insidious time for money trap by introducing a systematic, nine step framework that professionalises all key aspects of a business. This framework enables the creation of new, self-sustaining business processes based on best practices in nine core areas, including governance and risk, business strategy, finance, product and sales.

By taking a systematic, process-oriented approach, business owners can create the kind of high-performance enterprise that flourishes without the continual presence of a single person. And that, ultimately, will allow you to make more money while spending less time at work.

And that's the best Christmas present any business owner can receive.

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