What is a 'Success Zone' and How Do You Find Yours?

What is a 'Success Zone' and How Do You Find Yours?

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Successful people are not busier people. They are not doing more work than you, nor do they have more time in their day than you do. Successful people have clearly identified what we refer to as their ‘Success Zone’ and operate from that highly productive place, rather than ‘all over the place’ - which many of you are still doing.

Your Success Zone is THE MOST VALUABLE place you can spend your time in your business.

When you are operating out of your success zone, you:

  • Will have clarity and focus

  • Are excited and motivated

  • Ooze confidence

  • Get instant results

  • Know how to leverage your REAL strengths

  • Turn challenges into powerful opportunities

  • Work smarter not harder

  • Understand what FLOW really means

The success zone is where you place yourself within your business, allocating the tasks that you are both good at and love doing. It’s the place where time flies (because you are actually having fun) and the work gets completed much faster, with a higher level of quality. This is the place where you begin to feel that same passion for your business that you had when you first began.

Success in any business is all about execution, and execution is about time. Success is prioritising the time to commit to the activities or the actions that have the most valuable impact on your business, and have you operating at your best.

Not only will you get your mojo back, once you know where your best spent time is for maximum efficiency within your business, this will then give you clarity around who you should be hiring and the tasks, or clients, you should be saying 'no' to. (SEE ARTICLE HERE)

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4 Steps to Finding Your Success Zone

STEP 1: 

Take a log of all the tasks you do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Try and cover as many tasks as you can think of, covering all areas of business including Leadership & Management, Governance & Compliance, Reporting, Business Process, IT, Marketing, Sales, People & Partnerships and Product Development.

STEP 2: 

Using the list of tasks you have developed, now start to allocate these to one of the four quadrants you will see in the diagram above.

STEP 3: 

Take a sheet of paper, and divide it into 4 columns with the headings Admin, Logistics & Operations, Marketing & Sales, and Finance. Now list out the tasks in each column that you hate doing and you are not good at. From this you will then be able to develop a job description for your next hire.

Wilderness Zone

Which of the 4 Wilderness Zone sections above have the most tasks listed for you?

The section (Admin, Acquisition, Finance, Operations) that has the longest list of tasks is the area you have just identified to be the first place you need help to scale out your business.

Was it the area you expected?

Using this list of tasks, you can now start to build out a more detailed job description for hiring someone to take over these to free you up to focus on your Success Zone - the most valuable places you can spend your time in your business.

STEP 4: 

List out all the tasks that you love doing and are really good at. These tasks need to be priority in your week, and should be the first tasks to be booked into your calendar. Lock away the time for these tasks before you allow other appointments and tasks to distract you from your best work.

Success Zone

The Success Zone can be a little harder for you to identify. This covers the tasks that you love doing and you are good at. This is the area that is often referred to as 'being in flow' and cover the key areas that are and will (in the future) provide the greatest return on investment.

This task is about clearly identifying where you should be spending your time, the most valuable activities that you can be executing on, and then making sure you are blocking out these tasks in your calendar. Everything else should come second to these tasks, and these blocks of time being completed. This is how you can start to scale your business more effectively and operate at maximum productivity to keep driving your business forward.

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