Our Mission

We know what traditional accountants offer and we think small businesses deserve better. Nine Advisory was founded to help guide small business owners to achieve best practice and a better everyday life.

When it comes to your business we are all in.


Market-leading accounting and business performance advice for small to medium businesses.

Nine Advisory is a Sydney-based boutique accounting and business advisory firm that specialises in helping businesses implement and action best practice across finance, governance, strategy and risk.

Unlike traditional accountants (who focus largely on tax and payroll) we analayse every area of a business - from product and service to team culture and marketing - finding the gaps and weaknesses and areas for improvement.

At Nine Advisory we've found over 70% of businesses are in the Wilderness stage of the business lifecycle. Trading time for money, focusing on survival and hoping something will change to improve profitability. At this stage, a business owner may be better off financially and emotionally by getting a paid job.

When working with businesses we focus on actionable step-by-step processes and our Nine Pillars framework for business success.

Our aim is to help business owners find a clear path from where they are now to the performance, revenue and lifestyle outcomes they want for the future, at a cost they can afford.



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Sam Musgrave (BComm, CA), Founder Nine Advisory

A Chartered Accountant for over 15 years Sam's passion has always been developing small to medium businesses. After working for large firms including William Buck, PKF (formerly Lawler Partners), Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan, Sam founded Nine Advisory to offer businesses a more personalised and holistic service.

Growing up on a cattle and wheat farm near Narrabri in north west NSW, Sam's life passions are agriculture, sports, technology and reading. Not to mention his wife Annabelle and son Banjo - born the same time as Nine Advisory.


Nine Pillars of Success

Find out more about our Nine Pillar framework that we use to guide businesses right across Australia to performance or lifestyle success.

In the past we had bookkeeping and accountancy services. The difference with Nine Advisory is very much the holistic view of the business and understanding everything that’s going on. It’s all very well having an accountant add up the numbers at the end of the month, Sam and his team have brought governance processes that go over the top of that so we are forecasting well.”
— Hayden Foster, Laundromap
“We never had good thinking behind our accounting. Nine Advisory has solidified some key things for us and set goals and targets based on real time information. Now we know our position properly, before it was a gut feeling but now it’s based on actual facts.”
— Simon Addinall, Those Architects

We owe it to small businesses to do better. Our goal is to help 10,000 businesses achieve the growth and success they deserve.