Service and Commitment


What Level of Service can i expect? 

Nine Advisory puts the customer at the centre of everything we do. We believe that customer experience sets us apart from the rest.

To make sure of that, we meet with you EVERY month. We are part of your business, to GUIDE you through each and every one of our Nine Pillars.

Unlike the old days, our Executive Assistants are employed to serve YOU! We believe the days are gone where the most important person is the Director or the 'Partner'. Booking lunch tables or golf courses or concert tickets for pompous 'Partners' are a thing of the past. Our EA's are here to serve YOU.

You have direct access to the entire team, but not just via email. We employ the most up to date technology to ensure that you can access the team through whatever medium suits you. Our live chat channels sit in an app on your smartphone, so that we can be reached immediately.

Our team operate under a CARER model for customer service.

C - Checking communication channels constantly

A - Acknowledge! Yes, we let you know we've received your message (what a concept!)

R - Review. We then review what you have asked

E - Execute what needs to be done

R - Respond to you with what we have done or the information you have requested

All of your files and documents are stored in the cloud and immediately accessible to you, including working files and live documents that our team will be working with you on each week or month.


Our Commitment

We play the long game. We take your business seriously. We don't believe in 'quick wins'.

Firstly, we set the price. There are NO surprises - a FIXED monthly investment.

COMMITMENT 1: You will NEVER receive an invoice that you did not agree too prior.

No lock-in contracts. We stop when you say so. You can cancel at any time.

COMMITMENT 2: Cancel at any time.

We are avid users of technology. We promise to bring that to your business.

COMMITMENT 3: You will get the very best solutions that technology has to offer.

We believe that Activity Drives Results. So we meet monthly because we like to be PROACTIVE. Our monthly action plans mean that we are usually chasing you for things to be done.

COMMITMENT 4: Monthly meetings with clear action plans.