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We believe businesses are a function of three things: Processes, People and Systems (in that order!). Using best practice techniques to document and communicate the processes in your business, we also implement the latest technology to help guide small business owners to achieve business success and ultimately, a better everyday life.

At the heart of what we do is reporting, governance, compliance, business processes and leadership and management (strategic planning and execution). We offer two service packages, designed to work independently or in conjunction with each other.

Arrange a free consultation and allow us to figure out exactly what your business needs and how we can help.

What We Do…

Nine Advisory supports small businesses by providing a strategic and effective framework to work and grow within. Each process is fully documented.

This includes:

1. A structured on-boarding process that is delivered over a 3 month period

2. Half-day strategic planning workshops

3. Half-day forecasting and budgeting workshops

4. Processes, people & systems workshop

5. Weekly & monthly reporting

6. Monthly advisory board meetings


Nine Pillars ANNUAL Governance and Advisory

For businesses looking to implement best practice across all areas and get to the next level of growth.

The program starts with a thorough on-boarding covering key items such as budgeting, organisational charting, overall business structure review for asset and tax purposes, information systems review, and development of management reporting framework.

We establish an Advisory Board for your business and manage meeting dates, agendas, minutes and action plans.

Over a period of 12 months we guide your business through the Nine Pillars, starting with identified gaps and weaknesses. 

We work with your in-house staff where required, to assist and educate them to ensure deadlines, timetables and business processes are implemented and followed.

Included is all statutory reporting, income tax returns and activity statement preparation and lodgement and management of ASIC affairs. As a partner in your business this program includes unlimited phone and email support from our team and access to all our online resources and templates.

$3,000/month plus GST


Bookkeeping & Internal Finance

Our bookkeeping services start with documenting and systemising the finance processes within your business - what needs to be done, when and by who.

We prepare your Statutory Obligations Calendar, so you are on top of exactly what your lodgement and statutory obligations are, including an estimate of how much we expect this to be.

We setup your 30 minute Fortnightly Finance Meeting to discuss all financial and accounting matters including, but not limited to:

  • 4-8 week cashflow forecast, limited only by the visibility in your business;

  • Review of all statutory and regular payments upcoming;

  • Outstanding creditor/supplier payments for you to review and approve - we will upload into your bank for you;

  • Payroll, if necessary; and

  • Any outstanding queries we have in relation to the finance function.

The Fortnightly Finance Meeting ensures a process that ultimately creates freedom for you in the rest of your week, to focus on the other parts of your business.

Our clients find that this structured process affords them the freedom to say no to the urgent, and focus on the important.

$2,000/month plus GST

The difference between Nine Advisory and our other accountants is that they are really passionate about the business, which is awesome. With the other people, they’re doing us a service, but the team from Nine Advisory are just as passionate as we are.
— - Justine

How We Do It…

Identify your blind spots. Know what you don’t know.

Collaborate & Consolidate - Work with you to find where you need the most help right now.

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Feel what it's like to work on your business

Calculate business challenges and costs

Devise a roadmap for growth